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Guest Blogging Certification Program – Get Your Work Published on Major Blogs. Serious Only.

Why take (and pay for) a guest blogging certification program?

If you’re a decent writer you may be thinking …

Guest blogging certification program

“I’ll just pitch cool ideas to online publications and line up guest post opportunities for days?”

Well, it’s possible. Not likely.

There’s a significant learning curve. It’ll be months before you start to get any traction on lower rung sites. 

Editors at blogs worth writing for are busy … very busy. They aren't reading your pitch unless it grabs them immediately.

Make it short and sweet and to the point. Like this …

**Subject: Quick question**

Hey. I’ve read your guidelines and would love to submit a guest post on the following topic:


Does this sound like it would be a good fit for *[Blog Name]*?

I stole this pitch template from Jon Morrow, who has a ton of experience as a writer, but, more importantly for you, an editor. He knows what types of pitches stand out. 

More on Jon later.

Guest Blogging Course Fast Track

Guest blogging certification program - fast track

Guest blogging certification courses are quite niche. There aren’t a lot of them. 

But, really there’s only one that matters. 

It teaches you how to pitch, who to pitch, what to write about, and the structure of your guest posts. 

You’ll also learn the trick to making money from guest blogging too. It isn’t intuitive.

But, first let me whet your appetite for this killer training ...

A Guest Blogging Certificate Has Its Advantages

The bonus of getting a guest blogging certificate from a reputable program is that you have a much better chance at getting your foot in the door. 

guest blogging course

Look, the program I’m going to recommend is not a silly 15-minute video. Or a 20-page eBook. Or even a 45-minute webinar. This course is a rigorous professional study program, that, if faithfully followed, will make you a sought after guest blogger. 

A hot commodity. 

And, that, my friend, is really valuable. 

Get through this guest posting boot camp, and you will set yourself apart. Editors at important online publications will see the dedication to your craft. 

They will know the reputation of the course.

They will choose you over someone that’s just winging it. 

Hell, they’ll choose you over professional writers that haven’t honed their pitching and posting craft.

Jon Morrow Is Terrific

Jon is such an inspiration. He’s paralyzed from the neck down. He writes by speaking his words onto the page. He moves the cursor with his lips. 

jon morrow guest blogger

And, he’s running a multi-million dollar business, which includes a powerhouse certification program for guest blogging. 

His course is so good, it doesn’t even really matter if you are a great writer or not. Just competent.

His blog post templates, if followed faithfully, build winning pieces. 

You provide the research, and check off all the boxes as you write.

Editors love Jon’s students, because their readership engages with the content. The spend lots of time on the page, make comments, and share with their people.

And when this happens, guess who gets invited to post again?


The writer that uses Jon’s tried and true post topics and structure with a dusting of psychological tricks succeeds and gets hit up to write more.

Tips and Tricks For Guest Posting You Can Use Immediately

Even you decide not to check out Jon’s program, I want you to leave with killer tactics and advice for guest posting that you can use immediately.

blog post checklist

Checklist For Writing Killer Guest Posts
I already gave you the pitch template for when you have a post. But, what if you still need to write the post? Got you covered.

Here’s a checklist you can follow every time you lock in to write a post. I modified Jon’s shortlist, which he cobbled together from the most popular posts online:

  • Headline that demands to be clicked. Check out this swipe file and list fantastic list of headline resources.
  • Opening that relates to the reader’s pain or yearning. Speak their language with empathy.
  • Points of unexpected insights for the reader. Give them something brand new, or package tried and true wisdom in a different way.
  • Concrete examples that demonstrate those  insights. Don't just be theoretical. 
  • Close on an encouraging note. Most read to feel better … not learn. Finish with inspiration.

7 Most Lucrative Markets for a Freelance Writers
It helps to have a niche. To be an expert. If you’re the go to writer for computer security software or succulent plant care, sites are contacting you first when looking for content on these subjects.

7 most lucrative freelance writing markets

Here are the seven most lucrative markets for freelance writers according to Mr. Morrow: 

  1. Marketing
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Health Conditions
  4. Aging
  5. Individual Professions
  6. Ghost Writing
  7. B2B Products (especially software)

How To Negotiate Your Guest Blogging Pay

You say: "keep the check."

No, wait ... stick with me here. 

You want a link to your site instead.

This is how you build a sustainable business, whether it’s a professional writing service like Daniel:

payment - no - link - yes

"My first article went live on Entrepreneur a few weeks ago and I couldn’t have done it without your pitching templates. It got shared over 2,000 times in three days and went on to be one of the most trending posts on the site.

Better still, I got traffic back to my website and have had six people reach out to me to enquire about my paid writing services."

Daniel Marlin

Or a professional consulting service like Jennifer:

"I always wondered what I needed to do to “catch the eye” of some big name blogger and land a guest post. Thankfully, Jon showed me I could be a lot more proactive and brave than that. Within weeks I had guest posts accepted at some of the top blogs on the internet … Zen Habits and Jonathan Fields.

To my surprise I landed over 1,000 new subscribers in the first month that those posts lit up the internet. This technique far exceeded my expectation.

Even more important than landing guest posts was learning how to up my game on my own blog. I was a pretty good writer to begin with, but Jon showed me how to structure a post for maximum effect.

My engagement went through the roof. Now, if a post of mine doesn’t get at least 50 comments I think it’s a failure. (I’m only half kidding).

If you really want to be a blogger. If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, this course is a must have. This course literally changed my life: I finally felt confident enough to quit my job and blog full time.

And I owe it all to Jon. Thanks!"

Jennifer Gresham

Or parlay the experience into a full-time writing gig like Paul:

"Roughly five years ago I borrowed money from friends and family with the profound belief that taking your online course would make me a better writer. At that time I had started blogging on my own, learning from various entrepreneurs and writers. Out of all the writers I read, you inspired me the most … simply because of your attitude and determination towards writing things that were true to your heart.”

I took the course, moved quickly, and was published on Entrepreneur MagazinePsychology Today, and 99u. I also got a full-time writing gig at Help Scout, one of the fastest-growing companies in the world. And I just have to thank you. Your course molded me, shaped me, and set me on a path where I never thought possible. Every single day I wake up feeling blessed."

Paul Jun

Or even have a literary agent reach out and ask for a book proposal like Rebecca:

"Since I started your class, I’ve been published on,,, and has just asked me to contribute to their site.

A literary agent has actually recently reached out to me, asking me to send him a proposal of a book I’m writing. When does that ever happen?! I have no ideas what will come of it, but what an honor to have been asked.

Thanks for all the great insight! I truly appreciate it."

Rebecca Rine

Jon Has a Reputation To Uphold

WARNING: You’re not going to pass this course if you half-ass the work. 

blogging certification program

Jon is building a reputation with editors across the web. When he puts his seal of approval on a student, they have to deliver. Jon’s reputation is on the line. 

He’s not going to let you have a “certified” profile, unless you do the work and prove yourself. If you put in five hours a week, this course is going to take you three months to complete all the lessons and assignments. That’s no joke. 

It's a commitment. 

Each post that you write will take you a minimum of 10 hours. These are not slap-dash, spammy, word piles. These are professional blog posts that actual humans want to read.

It’s an investment in time and money, but the pay back can be exponential for as long as you feel like being in the game. 

In fact, you will publish your first article in a magazine or blog of your choice by the time your graduate.

Serious business. If you’re not up for a grind to learn a viable professional money-making craft, don't continue past this point.

smart blogger

No hard feelings. I just don’t want you to get in over your head.

Still with me? Cool. Check out the course modules in this guest blogging certification program.

Guest Blogging Certification Program Course Modules

Finding Your Ideal Audience

  • How to Ace This Program (Even If Your Knees Are Knocking)
  • What’s Your BIG Prize? – Assignment #1
  • How to Avoid the Huge Mistake Almost Everybody Makes
  • What’s Your Audience’s Deepest Wish? – Assignment #2
  • How to Find the Secret Hiding Place of Your Target Audience
  • Pick Your Popular Categories – Assignment #3

Locating Your Target Blogs

  • How to Tell If a Blog is a Good Target in 30 Seconds or Less
  • Test Your Prospecting Skills – Assignment #1
  • The Sneaky Shortcut to Finding the Best Blogs to Target
  • Compile Your Guest Blogging “Hit List” – Assignment #2
  • How to Find Great Blogs Even We Don’t Know About Yet
  • Top Up Your Hit List – Assignment #3
  • How to Reveal the Most Valuable Blogs on Your Hit List
  • Lock onto Your Prime Targets – Assignment #4

Crafting Your Killer Headlines

  • How to Discover Your Readers’ Secret Obsessions
  • What Keeps Your Readers Awake at Night? – Assignment #1
  • How to Generate More Ideas Than You’ll Ever Need
  • Make Your Reader’s Day – Assignment #2
  • The Secret to Writing Headlines Readers Can’t Ignore
  • How to Transform Your Headlines from Good to Great
  • Write Your Killer Headlines – Assignment #3
  • The Finishing Touch That Almost Guarantees Success

Pitching Your Irresistible Ideas

  • How to Find Your Pitching Confidence
  • Discover Your Perfect Pitching Strategy
  • How to Pitch Blogs That Already Love Guest Bloggers
  • How to Pitch Blogs That Play “Hard to Get”
  • Determine Your Pitching Strategy – Assignment #1
  • How to Manage the Pitching Process Like a Pro
  • Prepare Your Perfect Pitch – Assignment #2
  • Send Your Pitch! – Assignment #3

Writing Your Popular Posts

  • How to Pre-Program Your Posts to be Popular
  • Brainstorm Your Surprising Points – Assignment #1
  • How to Write Hypnotic Openings Readers Can’t Resist
  • Write Your Empathetic Opening – Assignment #2
  • How to Plan Your Post to Perfection
  • Create Your Optimal Outline – Assignment #3
  • How to Write Endings That Compel Readers to Take Action
  • Write Your Motivational Closing – Assignment #4
  • A Crash Course in Real-World Writing
  • Write Your Popular Post!

Getting the Most from Every Post

  • How to Write an Author Bio That Gets Results
  • Write Your Blockbuster Bio – Assignment #1
  • How to Submit Your Post So It Gets Accepted First Time
  • What to do Once Your Post Goes Live
  • How to Find the Shortest Path to Your Prize
  • Pick Your Success Metric – Assignment #2

Final Certification and Quiz

Once you complete the final certification you earn the badge of Guest Blogging Graduate, placing in you the ranks of the highest trained writers online.

I just wanted to write you a quick note and thank you profusely for your Guest Blogging course. Because I’ve taken your course, I have been able to make money blogging for clients.

I am guest posting on other sites as well. Your course prepared me to approach and deliver a professionally prepared set of documents that clearly set me apart from other guest bloggers. The whole approach actually works far better than I expected.

Thank you so much!!!!

Mark Ellis